Life Lesson

There are days when you feel low

Times when you cry

Further, you’ll grow

If you continue to dream to fly


Strengthen your grip

Sturdy your arm

Fortune may flip

Draw the most out of it to outcharm


Look around the ambiance

There’s a lot to learn

Exert your conscience

Enlightenment you’ll earn


Broaden your horizon

Pounder over inspiration

Get high on your passion

Make it your ambition


There’s a reason for every occurrence

Attached to it is sanctity

Actions have its consequences

It may end in serendipity


Paths do come with shackles

Where quitting is never a choice

“You have the efficacy to tackle”

Is what reminding your inner voice


Circumstances could be enraging

Keep your position dignified

Life is exhilarating

Archive your history glorified


Optimism will lead you through

If stranded in the midway

LIFE LESSON is what I gave you

Ensue and takeaway



By- Priyanka Murmu


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